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Coaching Resources

How much would it be worth to you if you could ...

  • increase your productivity (100-500%)?​
  • reinforce your commitment to change?
  • clarify your plans and goals?
  • get out of your personal or professional ruts?
  • expand your creativity?
  • gain greater self-awareness?
  • surface dormant skills, talents, and resources?
  • increase your confidence and self-esteem?
  • crash through quitting points?
  • increase your income stream?
  • live a happier, healthier, more significant life?

Coaching is a relatively new, yet fast-growing professional service - and a lot of people wonder what its all about.


Coaching is the art of helping people discover and unlock their full potential as human beings, moving them from where they are, to where they would like to be in their personal and professional lives.


This is accomplished by engaging them in powerful conversations about their values, goals, dreams, and intentions. As a coach, I use deep listening skills, ask penetrating questions, and offer unwavering support to people (or teams) in their pursuit of the life they choose for themselves - all in the context of a confidential relationship. In the process, individuals or teams gain clarity, direction, and motivation to take concrete steps toward their preferred future.


Unlike counseling, coaching does not seek to provide answers to people's psychological problems, nor deal with their past. Instead, coaching is about moving from the present into a new future. As such, coaching is not therapy, counseling, mentoring, teaching, or treatment. It is simply a powerful interpersonal tool used to facilitate personal and/or professional growth, change, and transformation.




Who is Coaching Designed For?

Coaching is designed for individuals (or teams) who are functional, healthy, and ready to take action and move forward toward the accomplishment of a personal or professional goal in their lives.

How is Coaching Done?

Coaching is practiced on an individual basis by appointment with a coach. It is primarily done via phone (tele-coaching) although face-to-face coaching is sometimes practiced. Tele-coaching is the most effective method of coaching because it preserves time (no travel), energy, financial resources, and schedule - thus allowing coaching to be done at the times and in the venues most convenient to both client and coach. Tele-coaching also mazimizes a coach's ability to listen more deeply without distraction.

How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching involves entering into powerful, life changing conversations with a coach which normally range from thirty minutes to an hour at a time, and could potentially continue for months or years if desired. In order for a client to get the most out of coaching, I suggest they begin with at least an initial commitment of three months of coaching on a regular basis - at least weekly or bi-weekly. However, the frequency, length of each session, and the duration of the coaching relationship is fully dependent upon the needs and the desires of each client and is mutually negotiated between client and coach at the time of contract .

What About Fees?

Since coaching is a professional service, I receive professional fees for my coaching. These fees are negotiated at time of contract and flexible dependent upon the exact situation/need of the client

How Do I Get Started?

If you or your volunteer/professional team are ready to increase your performance and achieve your goals, just get in touch with me through our website at:


          call me at 916.216.8889

At that time, we can discuss your specific needs and construct the kind of coaching relationship that best fits you!

Payment For Coaching Services

I usually ask clients to pay for half of the total contracted sessions up front before our first session. The other half would be paid in advance of the second half of the coaching contract.

You can pay either one of two ways below:

By Check: You can send a check for half the total sessions you are contracting for. Make checks to Paul Thome, LEDR Coaching and Training Services.

Send to:

Paul Thome

8889 North Winding Way

Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Via Pay Pal Below:   Just select the number of sessions you would like! If you are paying for more than the number of sessions in the drop-down menu, please re-enter the system again to select additional sessions

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