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Discover and Develop

                YOUR God Given


Everyone is a masterpiece. Each person has been stamped with the image of the Master Creator.

Each individual contains enormous potential which has been placed there by a good and gracious God.

However, this potential is often left untapped and undeveloped in the lives of many. Maybe you have been feeling this in your own life.

I want to help you tap into it ... and develop it.

Thanks for taking the time to visit the LEDR Coaching and Training website. It is designed to allow you to access the personal life-development resources I provide. Among them you will find:

The Liquid Bible;

Recapturing the Flow of The Great Story of God

This book is a brief, yet comprehensive re-telling of the Biblical story from beginning to end in chronological order. If you're ready to expand your understanding of the Bible and get a better grasp of how it all fits together, The Liquid Bible is a FANTASTIC resource that will help. Especially good for those beginning the journey of faith.

Coaching Resources

As a personal and professional coach, I help people tap into their undeveloped potential by engaging them in powerful and profound conversations that enable them to take action and reach the goals they choose for their lives. If you're looking for personal or professional growth, change, and transformation, this is the ticket for you.

Training Resources

We offer a variety of seminars on spiritual life issues and ministry skills development. Every leader in the local church recognizes that once people are involved in ministry, having the right information, skills, and training increases their impact in ministry - and keeps them in the game. LEDR Coaching and Training can help you provide the right tools and the right skills to do just that for your church or organization.

So, check out all of our resources. If you find what you're looking for, and think you're ready to rumble, then contact me and let's explore the opportunities waiting for you!

Paul Thome


[email protected]